Phronesis - oral care products. Our company’s products are manufactured in the Russian Federation and meet international quality standards.

Innovations in applied life sciences, medicine,
next-generation technologies, personal hygiene products.


Our Advantages

Products of our company are manufactured in the Russian Federation. Quality control is confirmed by international standard certification.


Modern Technologies

Manufacturing features a modern research laboratory and is set up with high-tech European equipment.

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Research and Innovation in Oral Hygiene

Long-term research, development, and innovations of our own are the keystone of the company’s products.

Safe components

Our products do not contain titanium dioxide (which contributes to oncology development), SLS, fluoride, and parabens.

New Generation Toothpastes

Our toothpastes contain biogenic hydroxyapatite (hydroxyapatite bio) which besides its main function of remineralization, contributes to the restoration of the trace element composition of the oral cavity and tooth enamel.

Russian Manufacturing

PHRONESIS company - among the first ones in Russia has launched manufacturing of products with biogenic hydroxyapatite.

Hydroxyapatite Bio

Hydroxyapatite bio, which is the main component of enamel (96/97%) and dentin (70%), is biological calcium phosphate and the third largest component of our body with a phase composition. Hydroxyapatite of our production contains up to 40 trace elements.

Best technologies in the field of oral hygiene for Russian citizens.


Our company considers it extremely important that residents of Russia use the best products and developments of our country, even in such field as oral hygiene.

It is known that human oral cavity is a unique ecological system for a wide variety of microorganisms, and oral hygiene compliance, above all, helps to warn tooth decay. Tooth decay is the №1 pandemic worldwide. This problem affects about 95% of our country's population, and periodontal disease prevalence in Russia, depending on age, ranges from 48.2% (at 12 y.o.) to 86.2% (at 44 y.o.).

It is no secret that despite the rapid development of dentistry in recent years, the prevalence of tooth decay among the population is not decreasing but growing at a progressive pace. Proper care of tooth enamel is one of the key points of a personal hygiene.

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